Kawassen’s hospitality


KAWASEN is not the atmosphere like luxury Japanese-style restaurant.
However particular about the taste and cozy atmosphere.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon.
In here we introduce the sauce, grill, rice which particularly advantage of taste of the eel origin as the maximum.



Selected eel

We are purchasing live eel from a farm of Miyazaki and Kagoshima in Japan with certificate of origin.
After that we make eel calm down and its cooked while living.
Eel is very strong and slimy so eel can’t cook easily.
Chef cooks politely and quickly by skillful work.
Also select the size of eel will be big element which decides the taste.
We cooked by Kansai style only by a grilled process and has not been steamed.
We select moderate fatty eel and guests enjoy the texture of it as the most suitable for the grilling.


Moderately grilled eel by charcoal and high-grade Binchoutan charcoal.

We would like guest to eat grilled aroma and moderate fatty eel.
We cooked by Kansai style only by a grilled process and has not been steamed.
Chef ascertains the state of each eel at first and grill is done carefully by charcoal while dropping extra fat first.
After we take an order from guest, its being grilled by high-grade Binchoutan charcoal to complete the surface while considering sauce penetration at a high temperature.


Lightly sweetened secret sauce.

We use akazake of Kumamoto specialty.
Soy sauce made in Kyushu is used to make eel mild taste and less sweetness.
Sauce of an exquisite balance with grilled aroma when grill it and advantage taste of the eel origin.


We use Koshihikari rice produced in Toyama prefecture.

We are also particular about rice to eat eel more delicious.
We choose delicious new rice in every year which rice of the smell and the taste match eel.
Only the necessary quantity is ordered for contract farmer and has been just polished is used because the rice is delicate.
When cooking rice, time to put it in water and the climate are considered and the moisture content is being controlled.
We receive a favorable reputation from guest glossy rice boiled to the perfect degree of softness is very delicious.


We have rooms with horigotatsu-seating (sunken floor) and receive a favorable reputation from the guests as relaxed atmosphere.
Guests are office worker and the lady comes by herself in lunch time.

Eel and river fish restaurant KAWASEN

〒862-0916 1-12-1, Sadowara, Higashi-ku Kumamoto-shi, KumamotoAccess
Opening hours
Closing day
Open daily except otherwise noticed.
Car parking space
38 (Front of restaurant 10, Second guests parking 28)
We have rooms with horigotatsu-seating (sunken floor) / All seats are non-smoking.